5. the big idea

OSD_park The big idea is to design an open source family house that:

  • will be an optimally safe and healthy place to live in;
  • will be easy to build (in 30 days) and require low  maintenance;
  • will use heat and gas circulation as well as secondary use of energy and water;
  • can include in its design an aquaponic garden that not only allows the family to grow their own food, but also balances the dome’s temperature, cleans the air and water;
  • will be high quality (have a life cycle of no less than 100 years) but will also be inexpensive (cost minimum 25% of a standard house costs);
  • can be easily and at low cost modified to suit a larger family or incorporate a shop, gallery or office space;
  • will work in harmony and symbiosis with the surrounding community and environment.


OSD blueprint

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