4. open source dome – why?


Open source is a model that promotes universal access allowing all to benefit from the improvements made by everyone else. Applied in a search for a solution to societal challenges the concept would allow exchange of best practices and rapid advancement towards higher forms of social consciousness.

* Open Source Dome project can be freely accessed, used, changed, and shared (in modified or unmodified form) by anyone for noncommercial purposes.

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Why dome?
As discussed earlier, torus and spiral shapes reflect the tendencies of much of the nature around us. Also, domes require fewer materials to build, less energy to maintain, are durable, eco-friendly, beautiful and more harmonious than conventional homes.

In addition to being easy to construct, domes can incorporate various elements in their eco-friendly design, such as: low energy consumption, collection and treatment of water and wastewater, resistance to adverse weather conditions and even tornadoes, earthquakes or fires.

Please find a few interesting Open Source projects;

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