1. what goes around comes around

Jap T

My grandmother, especially when faced with challenges in her life, used to say “The wheel of life just keeps on rolling”. Interestingly, there are many scientific, technological, philosophical and spiritual concepts based on and explained through the base shape of the wheel or sphere. We know that atoms orbit the nuclei. Beehives, anthills and animal burrows also resemble spherical shapes.

Instead of questioning why the nature insists on spherical form, we should perhaps ask why it is that humans insist on creation of their habitat in such unnatural shapes. Since times immemorial humans successfully survived through observation and imitation of as well as cooperation with nature. We are only now beginning to discover the “dark” side of the civilization and still do not know the full effects that for example, a shape of homes have on our well-being, health and mental state.

Closely related to the spiral motion of everything from atoms to galaxies is the geometrical shape of torus. Recent works and theories suggest that nearly every aspect of life is related to circular or, more precisely, toric shapes, therefore it would seem obvious to work in alignment and harmony with it when it comes to the activities of human beings.


Constructing such a structure which would be in accordance to nature and its laws would not only be inexpensive and effective, but it would also create a balanced environment to live in.


Take a look at some interesting emerging research and projects, such as:





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